Multitasking is Greenlit! Also...

OMGOMGOMG!!!! Thank you all, for your support! Or perhaps I somehow succeeded in brainwashing a significant number of people! But whatever the cause, Multitasking has passed Greenlight!

I still intend to release Snake Party on XBLIG first, but you know I'll be working over the next several months to bring Multitasking to Steam as soon as I'm physically capable! Please check back, as I'll post regular updates!

Now, I'm going to comment briefly on an announcement that the fine folks at id@Xbox made a few days ago.

The announcement that made headlines was that they were planning to open up network support to other networks outside of Xbox Live, including those on PCs and other consoles. But that wasn't the only thing announced! The thing that didn't make headlines was this: MonoGame will now be able to target Xbox One! This is particularly exciting news for me, and for anyone who enjoys yyrGames titles.

MonoGame is a new, open-source, and fully-supported implementation of Microsoft's discontinued XNA Framework. I have already ported CardArcade over to MonoGame and have quietly been working on it for some time now, so I can honestly say that it not only works extremely well! Folks have already used it to work on projects for many platforms, including Android, iOS, and even PS4!

My plan was to port Multitasking to Unity in order to eventually release it on newer consoles, but now that this has happened, there's no need for me to do that, or to start over at all! I can simply use the existing version as the basis for what will eventually become a more full-featured, more exciting, more ridiculous and more insane version of Multitasking! And, this version will certainly find its way to Steam as well. So, please look forward to it =)

I look forward to bringing you all sorts of fun, exciting, and new arcade-style experiences in the years to come.

~ Aaron