my review for Being

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my review for Being

Postby slowbro » Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:23 pm

Being will only last you two hours at most, but to me it is an infinitely charming platformer.

The designer's wife took a well-designed game, and made it beautiful with a myriad of tiny, colorful tiles.

The gameplay is extremely simple running and jumping. The little guy can't harm enemies. The final levels are legitimately challenging, which may come as a shock in a short game after the opening levels are so easy.

I loved this game, but I never really came back to it. It took a long time before Snake360's enduring appeal finally surpassed Being as my favorite community game. Being is still my second-favorite.


I won't review lots of games, but I'll list my other favorites: Blow, World Molder and CarneyVale. Can you tell I like platformers? :D Notably, I haven't tried the $10 games and some of the most popular (Weapon, Colosseum).

edit: I found another favorite - Miner: Dig Deep. It's a real adventure game!
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