Mega Monster Mania

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Mega Monster Mania

Postby The Real Buddy » Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:04 pm

I had bought this game from the xbox live Indies section for a mere 80 points ($1) And thought it should be mentioned.

What is it?

MMM is a dungeon crawler developed by Stegersaurus Games. (Yes Steger), and is randomized, so that every time you play it, it is a little different, the controls are fairly simplistic, duel stick controls, with triggers and bumpers to cycle thru your potions/weapons and use them.

the graphics are very simplistic and block like, but stand out. When you are fighting a minotaur for example, you know it. The game is rather fast paced, and you randomly find weapons, it's a good way to keep the loot center of the brain active.

This game also features split screen multiplayer, so you can fight alongside your friend, or to maximise looting, you can go your own directions.

Simply put, the Demo you get thru XBLIG should let you know pretty much what you are dealing with, in the full version of the game.
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