General info and FAQ

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General info and FAQ

Postby yyr » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:00 am

(This post is under construction.)

Menu Controls (cannot be changed)

(These can be used even if you're using a controller to play the game.)
Up/Down arrow keys = change highlighted option.
Left/Right arrow keys = adjust highlighted option (if applicable).
ENTER = choose highlighted option.
ESC = go to previous menu/exit menu.
TAB = hide menu and show what's underneath!

(These assume an Xbox One/360 layout, but work regardless of which controller you're using.)
Up/Down on D-Pad or Left Stick = change highlighted option.
Left/Right on D-Pad or Left Stick = adjust highlighted option (if applicable).
A Button, or Menu/Start = choose highlighted option.
B Button = go to previous menu/exit menu.


Q: I get a notification that says "Couldn't connect to Steam. Leaderboards/Achievements unavailable." How do I fix this?
A: There are a few possibilities here. One is that your Internet connection was interrupted. Another is that your Steam client needs to be updated (this fixed it on one of my test machines). Or maybe it's something I never saw during my testing, in which case you should e-mail me about it. But regardless of the cause, neither Leaderboards nor Achievements will work until you fix the issue, quit the game, and finally, restart it. If everything is working normally you should not see this message.

Q: I get a notification that says "Steam Leaderboard connection failed" or "Steam Leaderboard submission failed." What happened? Can I have it try to submit my record again?
If you see this message, the game tried to post your record to the leaderboards three times, failing each time. It's possible that you lost your Internet connection, that Steam is having issues on their end, or that something else went wrong. Either way, it didn't work. Unfortunately, to prevent cheating, there is no way to submit your record after the game is over.

Q: What kinds of controllers can/should I use?
A: Here is the list of officially supported controllers:
Xbox One, Xbox 360: natively supported
DualShock 4: supported via the Steam Controller Configurator, using a publicly-available official configuration called "DualShock 4 (yyrGames Official)"
Steam Controller (coming soon)
more to come...

The following controllers are not officially supported, but you may be able to use them with third-party tools:
DualShock 3 and earlier
Xbox OG
Wii Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro
Wii U Pro Controller
more to come...
Basically, any controller that has two analog thumbsticks, bumpers/triggers, and face buttons *should* work with this game.

The following won't work at all:
Arcade-style digital joysticks (Hori, MadCatz, Razer, etc.)
Motion controllers such as Wii Remote, PlayStation Move, etc.
Hori Pokken Tournament or Pokken Tournament DX controllers
Any other controller that lacks two analog thumbsticks, bumpers/triggers, or face buttons

Q: I was playing on keyboard. Now I plugged in a controller and my records/progress are gone. What happened?
A: Nothing disappeared. Because of the massive differences between controller and keyboard controls, and because a few of the minigames have difficulty changes between one and the other, we track Challenge Mode progress and personal bests separately between the two. To switch between controller and keyboard mode, simply exit to Attract Mode and then either plug in or disconnect your controller.
Please note that the arcade-style local Standard Mode leaderboards are NOT separated between controller and keyboard.
Your Standard Mode/Challenge Speedrun personal best for the currently selected control/set/difficulty combination will be displayed in the lower corner before you begin.
Your Bonus Mode personal best for the currently selected control/difficulty combination will be displayed along the top of the screen before, during, and after play.

Q: What languages does this game support?
A: At the moment, only English.

Q: When will it support more languages?
A: I would love to include multi-language support in the future. However, the game wasn't originally built with that in mind, so some significant changes will be necessary to make that possible. Either buying the game, or sending me an e-mail specifically requesting multi-language support, will help convince me to make those changes and work on translation support. (I would most likely not do the translations myself, but would seek out native speakers to assist.)

Q: How do I try to improve my # of attempts in Challenge Mode, after I've completed it?
A: You may have noticed that the total # of attempts will show up after you've cleared everything, but there's nothing you can do to improve it. Well, actually, that's not true. There are two ways:
1) Use the Data Clear function to wipe out your Challenge progress. This will reset everything to zero and allow you to try again. Go for a lower total number of attempts this time!
2) Try Speedrun Challenge Mode. If you are successful, and your total number of attempts is lower, it'll be adjusted accordingly and submitted to leaderboards.

Q: Do you plan to expand on this game, either with DLC or further releases?
A: Funny you should ask. The truth is, I had always planned from the beginning to release 3 versions of this game.
Version 1: Multitasking 1.0, released in mid-2016 on Xbox 360 (XBLIG).
Version 2: Super Multitasking, released in early 2017 on PC (Steam). Adds more minigames and Challenges, Bonus Modes, Leaderboards, Achievements, keyboard support & more.
Version 3: ...well, you're just going to have to stay tuned.

Q: How many people worked on this game?
A: I'm proud to say that this game, and everything in it, is solely my creation, with the only exceptions being the non-synthesized sound effects. (Those came from a royalty-free sound library.) It took many hundreds of hours for me to create and balance this, and I really hope that you enjoy it! I did have testing assistance from a handful of people, who will be mentioned either in-game, in documentation, or both.

Q: I'm not familiar with yyrGames beyond this. What's your deal?
A: I create arcade-style games exclusively, and have been doing so for 10 years now. Unfortunately, because I was releasing them exclusively on Xbox Live Indie Games, most of my catalog was delisted in 2017, so I'm currently in the process of porting them to more modern platforms. You can check my progress at
Aaron Teplitsky
I hope you're having fun with them!
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