Beta testing current status

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Beta testing current status

Postby yyr » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:29 pm

Update 2/22: The beta version period has ended on Thursday 2/22/2018. Thank you for your efforts!

Changes / Fixed Issues

1.992 - The difficulty of the following Challenges has been adjusted: Space Jump, Jump Space, But Why?
1.993 - The default top times for Hard (from 3'27"65 to 3'07"65) and Maximum (from 13"65 to 10"65) difficulties were lowered, to make the "Tagged" Achievement easier to obtain. (Clearing "Standard Mode Top Times" will reset to the new defaults.)
1.993 - The "Well-Balanced" Achievement now works.
1.993 - The secret "Last Second" Achievement now works in the Center slot as well as in the Top slot.
1.995 - The "Tagged" Achievement was fixed; in versions 1.993 and 1.994 it could be unlocked by simply beating the Easy and Normal records. (I had changed the default times in one place but not the other. Sigh!)
1.995 - Previously, Challenge Mode lowered rank by 10% across the board when you were using the keyboard. I decided to ditch that difference. Now, difficulty is the same for both controller and keyboard (with the exception of 3 specific challenges, where rank is now reduced by just 5%).
1.995 - Previously, Space Boss in the center slot gave you a 25% damage bonus when playing on keyboard versus controller. Now, that bonus has been reduced to 10%.
1.995 - When playing on keyboard, Hula requires fewer rotations than on controller. Now, the number has been reduced even further.
1.9966 - Name Entry works differently now, and more resembles many classic games. Let's say you enter G first. Instead of the 2nd letter beginning back at A, it will begin at G; in other words, the last letter you entered.
1.9975 - My aspect ratio code wasn't working at all, so fullscreen resolutions weren't working properly. This has been fixed. THANK YOU JD!
1.99777 - Guest Mode is now added to the Help & Options menu. This disables saving, Achievements, and Leaderboards until the game is restarted. Ideal for gatherings when you want to share the game with others, but don't want them to unlock things for you or break your records.
1.99777 - If a leaderboard submission fails, the game will now try again, increasing the chance that it goes through.
1.99777 - If the game loses window focus, it will automatically pause. That's not new, but the game will now put up a notification that this is why the game was paused. This was inspired by RobRoberts' first stream on Twitch, when it happened at the beginning and nobody realized why at first.
1.99777 - Finally changed the generic MonoGame app icon to the game's icon, derp.
1.99777 - An anti-cheat measure was added to Challenge Mode. I will not describe it here for obvious reasons. If you were testing Super Multitasking prior to this version, please update the game and play at least once before the final 2.0 update, otherwise your Challenge progress will be lost in the upgrade to version 2.0.

Issue 1: Using ALT+TAB when in fullscreen mode creates undesired behavior. It's supposed to switch to Windowed mode temporarily, then switch back to fullscreen when it gets focus back. This isn't actually happening. I'll fix it.
Finally fixed as of version 1.99777.

Issue 2: The "you f'ed up" X was appearing in the wrong location when failing Stop by not pressing the button at all (in both possible locations, Top and Center).
Fixed in Beta Version 1.996 - 20180204.

Issue 3: In the leaderboard browser, if you switch options the new leaderboard is fetched. But if you switch options again before the fetch is completed, the originally-requested leaderboard appears instead of the one you're now asking for. I need to either prevent option switching while a leaderboard is being fetched (the lame way!) or fetch the new leaderboard automatically (the best way).
Fixed in Beta Version 1.992 - 20180110. I decided to do it the lame way, because it doesn't seem possible to cancel a query in progress, as well as because the response time is pretty snappy and it doesn't feel as offensive as I expected.

Issue 4: When you finish or quit Challenge Speedrun Mode, your run stats are merged with your total Challenge stats. But it is possible that this causes you to have cleared all Challenges for the first time, and the game currently does not check for this.
Fixed in Beta Version 1.993 - 20180113.

Issue 5: In the Steam Leaderboard browser, the "Friends" setting seems to return the same results as the "Overall" setting. Also, some of the text is too long to display.
Fixed in Beta Version 1.993 - 20180113.

Issue 6: Pressing the Windows key on the keyboard when in fullscreen mode crashes the game.
Initially, I fixed this by disabling the Windows keys while Super Multitasking is running. I believe that the underlying crash bug is fixed, but I've decided to leave the Windows keys disabled for now, because it'll make keyboard play easier. Please let me know what you think of this decision.

Issue 7: It is possible for the leaderboard browser to become stuck (it just says "Please wait..." forever) and relaunching the game is necessary to fix it. I should try to implement some sort of timeout, if possible, to prevent this.
Believed to have been fixed in Beta Version 1.996 - 20180205.

Issue 8: Clicking the mouse button right as the game is launching in fullscreen mode causes the game to appear in a window, with only the upper-left corner of the game actually visible inside this window.
Confirmed fixed in version 1.99777.

Issue 9: One tester reported that the game crashed when attempting to submit to leaderboards. I'm currently trying to get more information on why this happened.
Fixed in version 1.996. The issue was that Steam usernames with fewer than 3 characters were being handled improperly.

Issue 10: You couldn't change the Practice Mode minigame duration when the game is set to Random.
Fixed in Beta Version 1.996 - 20180205.

Issue 11: If you select DS4 when running the game for the first time with a controller connected, the wrong labels are used (for example, A and START instead of X and OPTIONS).
Fixed in version 1.996 - 20180205.

Issue 12: Non-English characters on Steam Leaderboards are causing a crash in the leaderboard browser.
Fixed in version 1.997
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