Current version / known issues

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Current version / known issues

Postby yyr » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:00 am

The current version is Steam/Windows 2.01, released on 4/26/2018. The Mac version is still planned, but not yet released.

Version History:

2.01 (4/26/2018) - The following changes were made in this version:
- The game was split into separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This was done to temporarily work around an issue that is causing Steam Leaderboards not to work when using the 32-bit Steam API in combination with the Facepunch.Steamworks library that Super Multitasking uses for SteamWorks support. As a result, 64-bit users can now once again use leaderboards. The issue is currently being investigated.
- The Challenge description that referred to "LB" and "LT" while using a DualShock 4 was fixed.
- Previously, if a supported controller was connected, unsupported controllers could still start the game. This has been fixed.
- The Steam Leaderboard browser will now list the total number of entries on each leaderboard.
- The Steam Leaderboard browser should now time out after 3 seconds if it has trouble connecting, instead of just sitting there forever until the game is restarted. Please let me know if your experience has improved (or if this didn't work).
- "My Score" feature added to the Steam Leaderboard browser, allowing you to find your rank quickly.
- AutoPlay/Attract Mode AI has been vastly improved for the following minigames: Falling Weights, Space (Bottom/Avoid), Ladder, Spike Ball.
- Previously, if AutoPlay was on, and you quit to the main menu from the "Practice Over" menu, the "AutoPlay" flashing text did not disappear. This has been fixed.
- Some internal changes were made to facilitate future versions and improve task-switching performance.

2.0 (2/23/2018) - Initial release.

If you encounter any bugs or issues that are not listed here, please e-mail me at yyr at yyrgames dot com and let me know about them! Or, you can post to this thread directly, if desired.

Known Issues: (in order of importance)

- At present, players running 32-bit versions of Windows are unable to use Steam Leaderboard features in Super Multitasking. The issue is being investigated.
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