I'm alive!

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I'm alive!

Postby yyr » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:31 pm

2015 is going to be a big year for yyrGames!

Following a couple of years that saw a lack of focus, due to personal and other reasons, I'm once again hard at work on some new arcade-style experiences for you to enjoy.

You may have noticed some changes to the forum, including some new product announcements. More details will be coming on all of them very soon!

I have been showing yearly at TooManyGames in the Philadelphia area. If you're going to be in the vicinity during June 26-27, I would love to see you there! You will see all of my upcoming releases in near-finished form there!

While I haven't posted information in the new forums yet, here are a few little teases.

Pixel Poops: descriptions are meaningless. Try it from within your Web browser on any PC or Mac! It's also available NOW, for a limited time, on PlayStation Vita (PlayStation Mobile)! http://www.yyrgames.com/ps This will be my first release on iOS and Android platforms.

Multitasking: this experimental game challenges you to play multiple retro-style games at one time, using all of the functionality of the Xbox 360 controller. How long can you last? Challenge the world with Internet Ranking =)

Snake Party: Over the last 7 years, Snake360's Battle Mode has been improved, and improved again, with many few features, modifiers, levels and even graphics. You will finally be able to own this ultimate evolution. In addition, challenge over 100 new, increasingly difficult Missions, and try several new Survival modes, including Team Survival! I guarantee an amazing offline multiplayer experience at an even more amazing value! Please look forward to Snake Party!

In the future, I will be expanding into next-generation development. My hope is to next year release fully-featured mobile versions of CardArcade, and begin work on Snake Party Extreme, aimed at new consoles and perhaps even PC. Xbox One and Steam will most likely be the first targets. Please stay tuned!
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I hope you're having fun with them!
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