The security difference between XBL and PSN

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The security difference between XBL and PSN

Postby yyr » Sun May 01, 2011 3:56 pm

In light of the recent Sony data breach, I posted something on Kotaku and I'm cross-posting it here:

The difference, security-wise, between XBL and PSN probably comes from the fact that Microsoft has been working on security software for many years.

There's this thing you may have heard of called Windows. They make versions for servers. Your servers NEED to be as secure and unhackable as possible, or your business is compromised. See all those security patches that Microsoft releases for Windows? They are actively monitoring threats, figuring out obscure security holes and plugging them, all the time. They have dedicated teams whose sole purpose is security, and years of experience securing networks. What does Sony have that could possibly compare?

I'll gladly pay my $40 a year for Xbox LIVE knowing that I'm helping to pay the salaries of folks that work to protect my information. Also, the downloads are faster, customer support is responsive, and the amount of quality content is unmatched.
And by the way, if you're paying more than $40 a year for LIVE, you're doing it wrong. From sales right on the dashboard to the retail pre-paid cards on sale, you will ALWAYS have an opportunity to save on the $60 MSRP.

I leave you with this fact: Every time you download a demo on PSN, the publisher of the demo has to pay for the bandwidth you use to download it. Microsoft (and ultimately, XBL Gold subscribers) foots the bill on 360. This is why you can try EVERY downloadable game for free on XBL...that's right, 100% of them...and why demos are few and far between on PSN.
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