10 Things I Hate About PS3

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10 Things I Hate About PS3

Postby yyr » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:52 am

10 Things I Hate About the PS3

The PS3 is a great gaming console and has many other features as well. But there are a few things about it that are inconvenient, irritating, inexplicable or just plain silly. You know how they say "it's the little things?" Well, here are ten of those. If Sony were to address these issues, I'd enjoy the time I spend with my PS3 a little bit more.

1. background downloading not possible when watching DVDs or playing disc-based games
This is frustrating, really. On the 360, I can set up a download, watch an episode of whatever I'm watching on DVD right now, then go play what I downloaded. Or, I can set up a download, play a game off a disc and then play what I downloaded when it's finished. On the PS3, either I have to play another downloaded game while I wait, or play a different console, or leave the system idle while I do something else. It's stupid. The Cell is supposed to be awesome at multitasking, right? What's the excuse for this?

2. installing downloaded content
On the 360, as soon as a game is finished downloading, it's ready to play. As soon as add-on content is finished downloading, it's ready to use. On the PS3 you need to wait for it to "install." Now I'm not sure if this can be changed or improved at this point, but if your download is large--like, several hundred MB or more--you're going to have to wait several minutes for the installation to complete. A few minutes isn't a game-killer or anything, but it's time I could have spent playing the game, and it adds up.

3. downloading game patches takes too long
Now I realize there's a tradeoff to be had here. On the 360, game patches download almost instantaneously, but there's a very small limit on how large they can be. So on the PS3, you can have more elaborate game patches that add more stuff, which is good. But they take a really long time to download! When I want to play, I want to play... I don't want to spend 10 minutes waiting for a patch to download. And guess what? When it's done, it has to "install," just like everything else. Arrrrgh!

4. out of the box experience on a new game can take FOREVER
I recently got my hands on MLB 10: The Show. Sometimes I like to pop in a game before bed and play for 10 or 15 minutes. So I said "why not this?" I'm used to the 360, where even if an update is available, you're playing within 1-2 minutes, at most. I was told there was an update available, the update downloaded (between 5 and 10 minutes), the update installed (another couple of minutes), and then a mandatory hard drive install process took place (another 10 minutes, perhaps more). I was horrified; my 15 minutes were up (actually, it was more like 20) and I hadn't even reached the title screen yet. I admired the presentation for a minute then went to bed, disappointed.

5. no multiple profile support
There is no support for multiple profiles built into the system. The PS3 OS is essentially a single-user OS. Some games will implement their own method to use data from two or more profiles at once, like LittleBigPlanet, but most will not, like Rock Band 2. On 360, three of my friends and I can all sign in at once, use our own preferences and combined DLC collections, and unlock Achievements for each of ourselves while playing. On PS3, this is not possible. If multiple people want to play together, only one of them can earn Trophies, and only one DLC collection can be used. I know the majority of folks won't care about this, but the fact remains: on 360 I can enjoy the game the way I want to, regardless of who else is around. On PS3 I need to make concessions.

6. profiles must be on the HDD and are not portable
On 360, I have my profile and all of my saved games on a memory unit (for use on Slim models, I could move all of it to a USB drive). This is nice because I can use my profile, log into Xbox LIVE, enjoy my games, use my saves, preserve my settings and even use my DLC wherever I happen to be, on whatever 360 I feel like using. I'm going to a friend's place for the weekend, so I'll drop my memory unit in my pocket and I'm all set. On PS3, you can't use a profile located on an external drive; all profiles must be located on the internal hard drive, and there's no easy way to move a profile around. I could bring my hard drive with me to a friend's place, perhaps, but then he wouldn't be able to use his stuff while I use mine... oh, wait, there's no multiple profile support anyway. Never mind.

7. you can't switch profiles in-game
If one user is playing something, and someone else wants to play, you can't just switch profiles; you have to exit the game and log out, then log in as someone else and start the game over again. This isn't an issue on 360; you don't even have to go back to the dashboard. If you live with other gamers, this is just another one of those "little things."

8. leaderboards don't update immediately
In games where you play for score, I'd like to know where I stand on the leaderboards right away. On 360, leaderboards update instantly and continuously. On PS3, they don't; they only update periodically, and there's often a delay of up to an hour before your score will post and you can see where you're ranked. Of course, I'm sure this is part of the reason PSN is free.

9. PS Store a pain to navigate, and the changing ads are useless
I realize that the PlayStation Store on PS3 allows you to shop for many different kinds of games on two different platforms, but can't it be organized a little better? I hate having to go to "A-F", then "G-J", then something else just to browse everything. Maybe there could be an option to browse all of the newest demos, but hide PS3 or PSP titles if you're only looking for one or the other, for example. Why can't I browse a full list of everything by release date, and filter the way I want it? I feel like there are a lot of ways to browse the store that aren't exactly what I want. Making this worse are the "morphing" ads on the front page (and occasionally other pages). If you see something you're interested in, you've got to move over and click on it almost immediately...half the time, you don't make it before it "morphs" into an ad for something else, and you wind up being taken to an item you're not interested in. Annoying!

10. controller won't charge unless the PS3 is on and being used
Why, why, why?!? I love the 360's feature where you can tell it to power off, but it stays running in a low-power state just to finish your downloads and charge your controllers. When both are done, it powers off completely. I hate having to keep the controller plugged in across multiple gaming sessions because it won't charge otherwise. It's irritating!

It's not just the cross-game voice chat; little things like these are what keep me buying the Xbox 360 versions of multiplatform titles. As enjoyable as the PS3 is, the little issues get on my nerves. I hope that some (or all) of these can be rectified over time... it'd be nice!
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Re: 10 Things I Hate About PS3

Postby Sam Sampson » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:26 am

U put it well! Game patches downloading is killing me!
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Re: 10 Things I Hate About PS3

Postby Daisy221 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:15 am

Yeah ! you are right, i am totally agree with you.
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Re: 10 Things I Hate About PS3

Postby ChristopherCook » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:09 am

You made the key points all clear. Maybe that's the reason why I like to play more in Xbox and not on PS.
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