Enjoying the trial a lot

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Enjoying the trial a lot

Postby Wingus Maximus » Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:54 am

Just wanna say that after the excellent Snake360, I downloaded the trial of CardArcade and was pleasantly surprised at how addictive the card games are. I don't think I've ever tried these variations before so it felt fresh to me.

I do have a few questions though:

- Is it intentional that the player gets to try out all the card games on offer via 'How to Play'? I ask this given that only one card game is available to try in Arcade mode.

- Lack of music (did love the score for Snake360). Was the decision not to include music to cut down on costs?

Thanks! Keep up the good work and hope this sells better than Snake360. I know there's craploads of apps (especially massage ones) to compete with. I may download the full version of CardArcade soon.
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Re: Enjoying the trial a lot

Postby yyr » Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:21 am

Thanks for your feedback =)

I could have included music (it wouldn't have been terribly expensive) but I chose not to, partially because I didn't think a game like this needed it and partially because I felt it could have clashed with the musical notes that play when you perform actions. I had actually originally planned to add music, but later reversed the decision. However, if you enjoyed Snake360's soundtrack, you could always grab those tunes at www.scirecordings.com, and then play them in a custom soundtrack =)

As for being able to try out every game in HTP Mode...yes, that was absolutely intentional. CardArcade offers the addictive arcade and free play modes, plus the course mode, plus the stat-tracking, plus the Goal Board and score targets, plus the Network Ranking (soon)...and you only get all of those if you purchase the full game. I felt that allowing players to try all 5 games in the How to Play mode would definitely give them an idea of whether they were interested in the purchase. Is it too much? Possibly, but I took that chance. I'm hoping that if players find the games addictive, that they'll want the extra features and/or will feel it's worth dropping three dollars.

I'm glad you're enjoying CardArcade thus far =)
Aaron Teplitsky
I hope you're having fun with them!
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