Snake Party released! Snake360's Battle Mode has been evolved! For info click here!

Version 1.2 released! For info click here.
For info on Snake360 Lite, click here.
Click here for the full Snake360 FAQ.

Snake360 is an exciting new version of the traditional Snake game, often found on cell phones and older computers. Snake360 plays similarly to Snake games you've seen before, but with exciting new graphics, over 200 levels, and lots of new features, including Battle Modes for up to 4 players! Available exclusively on the new Community Games channel, only on Xbox 360!

To download Snake360: click here, sign into your account, and choose to download either the Trial Game or Full Game. The next time you sign onto Xbox Live, Snake360 will be downloaded automatically!

9/30/2009: Effective immediately, Snake360 now costs 240 Microsoft Points ($3 US), down from 400 ($5 US)! And, Snake360 Lite has been reduced to 80 MSP ($1 US)! If Snake360 wasn't the best value on Xbox LIVE before, it certainly has a good chance of being the best value now! Version 1.2 is now available; see the changes here.

8/19/2009: Check out the new yyrGames Web site at!

8/17/2009: Now that the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update has been released, we all have the ability to rate the games we've played, and Indie Games such as Snake360 are no exception! If you've enjoyed Snake360--even if you've just enjoyed the trial version, and didn't buy it--the best way to show your support is to rate it! You can do this in Game Marketplace, right from Snake360 itself in your Game Library, or right from your computer, on Snake360's Marketplace page. As always, thanks very much for your support!

7/21/2009: Snake360 and Snake360 Lite have been updated to version 1.1.1! This is primarily a bug-fix update, but also adds support for 480i widescreen mode. Click here for more info on the update and download process. You may also notice some changes on the for the opening of soon! Don't forget to vote for Snake360 on Xbox Indies if you've enjoyed it!

4/17/2009: Two new videos have been posted! The first is a new trailer that shows off Expert- and Master-level gameplay, Suffocation Battles and much more! The second is a playthrough of Course 6 on Expert that isn't quite perfect, but still shows off the intensity of Snake360! Check them out on the Videos page!

4/12/2009: The Snake360 FAQ has been released! This enormous text document--almost 1 MB in size--details absolutely everything there is to know about Snake360, and includes maps of all 300 levels in the game! Click here if you'd like to read it, or right-click the link and click "Save As" to download it for keeps.