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Falling Plus is now available for your PC or Mac! Relive the 1980s with this authentic tribute!

Super Multitasking is just days away!

I'm falling on my face from lack of sleep, but it was all worth it! On February 23rd, you'll be able to grab Super Multitasking on Steam! But...what if you want to be one of the first to stream it for your audience?

Well, that's no problem. Just use the contact form under "About" and let me know. I'll send you a key to get the game right now! I don't care whether your audience is two people or two thousand! If you can help me get the word out, then the game is yours. I'm looking forward to watching you play it!

Super Multitasking release date & beta test announced!

It is my pleasure to announce that Super Multitasking will be releasing for Windows on Steam soon...specifically, on Friday, February 23, 2018! (The Mac version should be releasing shortly afterward, if not on the same date.)

I feel that I can announce this now because apart from some artwork, the game is now 100% feature complete! This also means that it's going into Beta, and that testing is about to begin! Over the next few days, I'll be sending Steam redemption keys to anyone who indicated they were interested in testing, so watch your e-mail =)

Super Multitasking is getting closer...

It's not ready yet, so it's obviously not coming out in Fall as I'd announced. However, it's just about feature-complete, and I plan to announce a release date before year's end.

Falling Plus 2.1.0 update released!

I've made a few fixes, added a couple of features, and made a gameplay change. Grab the update (or the game!) for your PC or Mac right here.

Pixel Poops updated!

The Web-based version of this 2600-era throwback has been updated to use WebGL, so you can now actually play it in a current browser! Why not go for the high score right now?