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 Welcome to yyrGames.

yyrGames produces high-quality arcade-style games, available for purchase on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.
What do you get when you buy yyrGames?  You get fun, addictive gameplay.  You get a great time by yourself or with friends.  You get tons of replay value.  You get the best values on Xbox LIVE.  And, you get the classic arcade feel, at home!
I hope that you enjoy playing yyrGames, and that your day is just a bit more fun because of them!  Please check out all we have to offer!
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Bungee Ferret Tossing hints and tips!

    Storm the terrorists' desert base using the most advanced Ferret Weapons Technology!
    Do you have what it takes to be a Sharpshooter?  Get ready for a true test of your gaming skills!
    Wally the Walrus is trying to break in... Peppy the Penguin's got to keep him out and clean up the mess!

Snake360 - Intense arcade action!

Feel the intensity of Snake360's thrilling challenge!  300 levels, including the tough-as-nails Expert and Master difficulties--plus Internet Ranking!  Plus, two great Battle modes for up to 4 players! 

CardArcade - Get Addicted!

Break up the killing sprees and destructive rampages from your other games by chilling out with these 5 arcade-style card games!  But be careful...they could eat up all your time if you're not!

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