Pixel Poops (old version)

PlayStation Mobile, Web
PSM: 6/2015-7/2015. Web: Now (released 10/2015).

You have a problem...a problem with joggers. They think they own the whole park, trotting across it with reckless abandon, occasionally muttering things about motivation, or reaching their goals, or weight loss, or a better life. Hogwash, all of it. This time, you'll show them. You'll stop them yourself, in the most effective way you know.

Make your way across the park and poop everywhere. Little poops will only slow the joggers down, but keep pooping to increase poop size. When a jogger hits a large poop, they'll be stopped for good and you'll score a point! If you run out of fuel, simply go back to the starting point alongside the taco restaurant and eat. Then you'll be ready for more!

In this love letter to old console games from the early 80s, you'll enjoy unique, fast-paced action that only gets faster! The action is paired with classic-style visuals and authentic sound effects created with Korg synthesizer software.

The joggers will come faster and in greater numbers, but you'll be ready. This time is going to be different. You're going to make a statement, once and for all. Look out, joggers...you're going to have a crappy day.

You can enjoy this game for free on yyrgames.com right now!

  • The graphical style from console games of the early 80s has been faithfully reproduced
  • Sound effects in the same style have been newly created using Korg synthesizer software
  • Gameplay is simple to learn but hard to put down
  • Compete for daily, weekly or all-time high scores

Pixel Poops represents my first Web-based game, but also my first foray into recreating the look and feel of a second-generation video game, from the late seventies/early eighties. I feel like I did a decent job of it. Though there are probably some subtle ways that I could make it feel more authentic, the core gameplay feels almost exactly like much of what I experienced as a young child with a 2600. The silly concept isn't something you'll remember from back then, but I hope that when you play Pixel Poops, you can't help but smile...for multiple, and completely different reasons!