Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)
$2.99 (US)
November 2008 - October 2017 (No longer available)

What is Snake360? It's a test of skill for hardcore gamers, a challenging co-op experience, a wildly addictive multiplayer game unlike any other, among other things. With nine modes and 300 levels, it's one of the best values on Xbox LIVE.

Fast-paced gameplay. Nail-biting, controller-throwing challenge. Thrilling battles for up to 4 players. Fiercely competitive Internet Ranking. A 5+ hour campaign that can be played three different ways. A pumping licensed soundtrack with almost 30 minutes of music. There's even a special mode for kids. Snake360 delivers all of these...and more!

Please note that the Internet Ranking feature in this game is no longer functional. Click here for more information.

It's the classic game of Snake that you thought you knew everything about... but you've never played it like this! Take 9 targets to clear the stage and proceed to the next. Make it all the way without crashing, and you'll get to try exciting bonus levels! Challenge six courses with five difficulty levels each! Play by yourself, cooperate with a partner, or compete against an opponent! You can also practice individual stages if you're having trouble.

Or, try the classic Survival Mode! It plays just the way you remember, but you'll have to keep moving...if you stop taking targets, time will run out! Plus, there's a special mode for kids...crashes won't actually happen for three seconds, so you can take another path instead.

Then, grab three friends and challenge them to Battle Mode...the last snake alive wins! Or, try the wild and original Suffocation Battle mode, where you have to trap your opponents for three seconds to win! Snake360 can turn your next party into an unforgettable experience! And, all of this is set to a high-energy soundtrack from SCI Recordings!

For more information, as well as screenshots, game videos, maps of all 300 levels, and much more, please proceed to the outdated (but still functional) old Snake360 Web site!

Click here to proceed to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, where you can download Snake360 now!

Here are some quotes from Snake360 players, from the XNA and Snake360 forums:

"I've got to say that for someone who enjoys competing on online scoreboards this game is a godsend, one of the best I've played including big-company games on disc and XBLA...It's obvious that many hours went into designing all those levels...absolutely perfect control. Also I think the scoring system and the options...and the way levels and modes unlock are top-notch."

"I recently bought [three retail games]..and yet all I find myself wanting to play is Snake360.."

"I took a chance downloading this game and it was worth it. I own a decent collection of games.. and many arcade games. In the past few weeks [Snake360] has probably taken up the majority of my xbox time."

"Snake360 is an amazing game that would appeal to tons of hardcore gamers if they gave it a chance."

"...[Snake360] is definitely one of the better available titles on Community Games."

"Myself, everyone I live with, and all of our friends have each put tons of hours into the game, with no sign of stopping."

"I had a lot of fun playing whole family will be having fun...continuing to play the multiplayer in the future."

"Very well done game. Alot of fun to play and alot of options."

Snake360 is the exciting culmination of 500+ hours spent over eleven months to bring you the most intense arcade action possible. Each of the 300 campaign levels was hand-designed with a loving touch, then tested in both single and co-op modes for playability. The battle modes were tested for many hours at gatherings with friends, where a great time was had by all.

I admit that the graphics are far from outstanding, but I'll be working harder on those in the future. For now, I am certain that I have released a fun, extremely challenging and quite memorable game... one that appeals to all ages and types of players, but that especially appeals to hardcore arcade gamers like myself. They will find a great challenge in the campaign. It is one that can be overcome with practice, but not easily!

And, if you choose to purchase Snake360, I can almost guarantee that it will provide entertainment at your next gathering. Suffocation Battle is a unique, fast-paced, intense and very unpredictable experience that is best enjoyed with friends.

Please enjoy Snake360! I hope you have as much fun experiencing it as I had creating it for you.

- Aaron