Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)
$1.00 (US)
June 2010 - October 2017 (No longer available)

So what have you been playing lately? Slow-paced RPGs? Thought-provoking strategy games? Perhaps something turn-based? Well, that's no good! What's going to happen to your coordination, your reaction time, and the other skills you developed playing fast-paced shooting games years ago?

Time to dust those off! Sharpshooter is here to test, tax, and perhaps improve those skills! Grab a controller and prepare for action! Once you've initiated yourself with Training and the easier difficulties, get ready for the crazy challenge of the Expert and Master levels! You'll have to call upon every bit of your focus, coordination, and abilities...will it be enough? Can you keep up? Time to find out!

Please note that the Internet Ranking feature in this game is no longer functional. Click here for more information.

Sharpshooter challenges you with 20 unique target-shooting minigames! Choose from five difficulty levels, then complete as many of the challenges presented to you as possible! Each minigame's difficulty will automatically adjust based on your performance, and the order in which you play them is always different, so it's never the same game twice! At the end, you'll be graded based on how well you did. Will your skills be enough to earn the coveted top grades? And then, can you do it again in Double mode, where you control two guns at once?

Sharpshooter isn't just for single-player action! Bring a friend along, and you'll be able to take on the challenges together in the Competition mode! Will you try to hog all of the targets, or let your friend complete the goals? It's a tough choice, and if you choose not to play nice, your friend might challenge you to the no-holds-barred Versus mode, a straight-up, best-of-5 match! The winner stays in...the loser is out! Sharpshooter features both jump-in play and a separate, dedicated Versus mode, so you can take on challengers one after another! It's great at parties!

Want to compete but don't have anyone around? No problem! Shoot for a high score, then go to and submit it to Internet Ranking! You'll be able to track your best scores, plus compete on ten unique scoreboards with players around the world. Go for #1!

Sharpshooter features an intuitive control scheme that takes full advantage of the sensitivity provided by the Xbox 360 Controller's analog sticks. Once you're used to it, you'll be aiming with the same speed and precision allowed by light-gun controllers! Need more time to get used to it? Check out the Training mode, featuring lots of large stationary and slow-moving targets.

If you're zeroing in on that high score but need a little bit of practice on minigames that are giving you trouble, there's a Practice mode too! At any time, you can freely play any of the 20 minigames on any difficulty level. Practice by yourself, or with a friend...the choice is yours. And last, but not least, Sharpshooter also includes "The Best of Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Volume 1," absolutely free.

You get all of this for just $1.00! Sharpshooter is now available on Xbox LIVE Indie the free trial version to your Xbox 360 right now!

Sharpshooter Features

  • Sharp, clean graphical presentation, including native support for all HD resolutions
  • 20 unique shooting minigames and dynamically-adjusting difficulty
  • Optional Double mode for one player: can you handle the challenge of two guns at once?
  • Great music and satisfying sound effects, plus the ability to customize several aspects of the control scheme
  • Fast action for one or two players, plus a dedicated Versus mode
  • Internet Ranking allows you to track your high scores and compete with other players worldwide
  • Free bonus: "The Best of Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Vol. 1"

Are we, as gamers, getting slow? A lot of modern games lack the raw action and intensity of many classics. They don't penalize us when we fail, they wait for us to catch up when we fall behind, and they move at a pace more suitable for snails than video gamers.

Sharpshooter is not one of these games. If you screw up, you lose a bunch of points, and you don't get to try again. On the harder difficulties, the pace is fast and the action is furious. The control scheme feels strange at first and you'll need to get used to it. (The training and practice modes are there for a reason!)

These characteristics are atypical of recent games, perhaps even risky. But I feel that they make Sharpshooter into an intense ride, one that I truly enjoy. I hope you enjoy it as well, and find it worth the asking price. Please have a blast with Sharpshooter!