I started with simple math games programmed in BASIC on my Commodore 64 (which I still own, over 30 years later). Then, I spent many hours with Garry Kitchen's GameMaker, Arcade Game Construction Kit, and other game-making tools on that same platform. In high school and college I dabbled with QBasic on PC. But with the advent of Xbox Live Indie Games, I saw my chance to create real video games on an actual console, and jumped for it. Now, following the closure of XBLIG, my primary platform is Steam.

All current yyrGames releases are available for Windows via Steam. Some of my games are also on other platforms; information on which platforms is available on the games' pages.

To learn more about yyrGames' current titles, tap or click on "Games" from the above menu, then select a title from the drop-down listing.