Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)
$1.00 (US)
Sept. 2009 - October 2017 (No longer available)

You *could* do something productive with your free time... like write a novel, knit a blanket, draw a comic book, write a song, or even create your own game. Or, you could forget all that stuff and get addicted to CardArcade. With five arcade-style card games, four ways to play them, and score competition via Network Ranking, as well as other bonus features, there's really nothing better at killing your spare time. All of it.

But let's be honest with ourselves...we weren't really going to do any of those other, more productive things anyway, right?

Addiction is a problem for many around the world. Addictive substances ruin the lives of countless people. Addiction causes problems for everyone involved. Addiction on the job leads to lost productivity, and therefore, money. Addiction at home can destroy families and friendships. So, keeping this in mind, I must warn you about the terrible threat CardArcade represents.

CardArcade contains 5 unique arcade-style card games. In front of beautiful, high-definition backgrounds, CardArcade players partake in fast-paced games that blend luck and strategy. Network Ranking allows players around the world to compete against each other for high scores. And the guided How To Play mode not only explains the rules of every game; it also highlights valid moves. CardArcade also includes Challenge Mode, where players play three different games back-to-back, aiming for the highest total score possible, and Free Play mode, which allows an endless number of rounds to be played while keeping detailed statistics.

As you can see, CardArcade introduces a danger of addiction that is quite real. And that's even before you consider the 14 challenging Goals that are present, or the three score targets in each game that players can strive for. Customizable, intuitive controls and sharp HD graphics only make things worse.

If you feel that you must get a closer look at the threat CardArcade presents to all of us, you can click here for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace page, where you can download it to your Xbox 360. But proceed with caution. If not controlled or restricted, CardArcade could expose millions of game players to addiction. This could have a disastrous effect on our entire society...we might actually all be having fun at once. =)

CardArcade Features

  • 5 arcade-style card games: Three Peaks, 5-On-3, 21, 5x5 Poker and Form-11
  • 4 game modes: Arcade, Free Play, Challenge and How to Play
  • Goal Board with 14 unique goals to conquer
  • Network Ranking feature allows you to compete for high scores with other players (Xbox LIVE Gold subscription required)
  • Clean, crisp graphics, plus native support for all resolutions up to 1080p

Sometimes, after a hard day's work...or even before... or, on rare occasions, even during... you just need to escape for a while with a completely meaningless waste of time. Everyone needs this.

CardArcade is the perfect meaningless waste of time. Anyone can play it. You don't need a lot of skill to be able to have fun with it, although luck helps. You don't need to learn anything. There are no consequences, win or lose. There is nothing to unlock, no life-changing quest to conquer, and no storyline of any kind.

Indeed, it is nothing more than a waste of time. So why play it? Because it's an enjoyable waste of time, as all wastes of time should be, and because you're going to have fun with it. Please enjoy your time with CardArcade.