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Internet Ranking service ending on 11/23/2019

For 10 years, you've been able to compete for score in yyrGames titles using the Internet Ranking feature. But it's mostly been quiet for the last few years, and all of the games still supporting this feature have new versions--either available now or coming soon--that have proper Leaderboard support in-game.

So, I'm announcing the end of Internet Ranking service for all supported games. You will no longer be able to submit scores after November 23, 2019. Rankings will remain viewable through December 31, 2019, after which the Internet Ranking pages will be removed.

Thank you for playing yyrGames. =)

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We're back...again

yyrGames.com was the victim of an automated attack, which installed a phishing scheme on it. After restoration from an old backup, all traces of the attack have been removed. Security updates have been installed to prevent this from happening again, and the Web site is now operating normally.
If you would like more details on what happened, click here.

We're back...

It looks as if someone decided to break my Web site a few days ago. Maybe this means I've finally made it big? Or maybe it's just a lesson on what happens if you ignore "security update available!" e-mails?

Whatever the case, it's back to business as usual here. I recently updated Super Multitasking, too. Find out more on its Steam news page.

Super Multitasking is available NOW!

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