Mac support is up in the air (UPDATED 2/28/2020)

The following applies not only to future releases, but also to my currently-released games, Super Multitasking, Sharpshooter Plus, and Falling Plus. If you are a Mac user, please read it carefully.

Apple has decided to tighten the security on the latest version of MacOS. They are now requiring all developers to submit their work--both new apps, and updates to existing apps--to Apple for "notarization." This allows Apple to determine whether apps are infected with malware, unsafe to run, etc. ahead of time. While this is certainly a good thing for users, the not-so-good part is that an active developer account is required for this process, which costs $99+tax per year.

I am proud to have released Mac versions of my games, and would love to continue supporting the Mac platform, but to date, my Mac sales have not even come close to $99 all-time, let alone over the past year. Until and unless I become more well-known, and my games sell to a wider audience, it is not financially viable or wise for me to spend over $100 per year maintaining an Apple developer account.

The good news is that all currently-shipping yyrGames titles have been tested and are working 100% on macOS Catalina 10.15.3, the latest version available, as of 2/28/2020. So, for the time being, I will continue to release new products, as well as updates for existing products, on the Mac platform. The bad news is that I cannot guarantee that my games will continue to work under macOS 10.15.x or later in the future. If there is anything to announce in this regard, I will certainly post it here. In the future, if I decide to cancel updates to existing Mac releases, I will offer refunds for previously-purchased products, even if the Steam refund period has expired.

Thank you for supporting yyrGames.